Panto Perfection!

Key Stage One were lucky enough to have a showing of Dick Whittington performed by M&M Theatrical productions on Monday. I have never heard a group of children cheer for the goodies quite so loudly!

Keep a look out through your telescopes for the wicked Captain Hawkseye in his glorious pirate outfit too!

Please watch this Animoto to see some of the action.

Mrs Anderson

New Topic: What was life like on board a pirate ship?

Our new class topic gives us the chance to explore the question above and find out what like was really like for a pirate. We have lots of questions that we look forward to finding the answers too. Look at our brilliant new animoto giving a very quick look at just a few of our very own scary pirates with their ‘Jolly Roger and Crow’s nest too’ And what is that on Ruby’s shoulder?